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Judging the Awards


The Regional Business Chamber made the decision 12 years ago to objectively and independently judge each and every Award Submission versus there being a populist vote. As you would appreciate this is time consuming.  However, a populist vote may suit some regions but ours is seen to have a mixture of visible retail outlets, professional services rooms, and a large number of home based businesses, spread through 27 towns and villages on our 100 X 1km escarpment strip. 

The Chamber has one populist vote in the form of the People's Choice Award nominated by the community or the business and judged by the community and this process is managed separately again from the other Category Award judging.

The online Award submission entries are judged by a panel of 8 judges chosen from the BM business community for their expertise in various aspects of running a business. Several judges have experience in judging either Business Awards or Tourism Awards at State level.

Judges sign Confidentiality Disclosures prior to the panel meeting to review and declare Conflicts of Interest, for example, if a judge has business dealings with a business or has a relationship with the owner either as a family member or a friend. If a judge declares a conflict of interest they will not  judge that Category OR if that business wins the Category not participate in the Harry Hammon Business of the Year judging.

Each Award Category is judged by at least 3 of the judges and if there is not a consensus of opinion on the winner, then extra judges are brought in to score the top scoring entries.

The Business Chamber Board do not know who the judges are each year nor are they involved in the decision making at any level relative to winners.  The Board only present the Business Awards process and manage operational aspects of that process.  The Business Development Manager knows the judges and manages the Awards Judging process but does not read submissions nor have any input into winners of each Award Category.

Judges each year are made known at the Finalists Cocktail Party at the end of the Awards Judging process to avoid any claim of collusion for a business or judge.

The Business Chamber is very proud of our judging process and the integrity of our judges. Their decisions have often been ratified as some of our winners have gone on to become State Business Award winners, won Telstra Awards, or been awarded at their Industry Awards eg Mortgage Broker Awards and Building Awards and one Harrry Hammon Award business has an Emmy to their name.




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