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Bushfire and Coronavirus Impact on Businesses


A new year traditionally promises a fresh start and an opportunity to do things differently; however, the current circumstances might already be placing your business goals in jeopardy. Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber wants to help.

This year, many of our local businesses are feeling the impact of an unprecedented fire season that is placing immense strain on our local people and resources.

While we face the challenge at hand, our livelihoods suffer. Big and small, our local industries are hurting.

Our unique, magnificent, region is not just a great place to call home; it is also a must-see destination for people from all over the world. Much of our business is reliant on visitors – it is not news to any of you that those numbers are down by as much as 40 – 60%.

As a business owner, I find myself wondering how people are managing in the face of challenging times. Like you, these concerns keep me awake at night. That is why we have decided to do something about it.

Firstly, let me assure you: you are not alone. Our Board members are highly experienced business owners who all have weathered tough times, disasters and recovery after business-stalling events – and we would like to offer support to our local businesses.

What Can We Do?

Get in touch
Members and non-members are invited to give us feedback and tell us how you are going and how we can help


I encourage you to get in touch, complete the feedback form and have a chat. By understanding more about what you need, we can make sure that we offer better services and meaningful support for local businesses, to get through this tough time and keep our communities thriving.

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What can we do for you? 

Mark Barton, President BMRBC