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Clemence Organics

We pride ourselves in creating products that not only address beauty, but also consider the effect that skincare has on health and the environment. Products are formulated using 100% natural ingredients, and at least 95% certified organic ingredients, by Naturopath Bridget Carmady. Bridget’s education and experience as a naturopath led to formulations based on a combination of traditional use (history) and research (clinical studies). Sustainability is a core value at Clémence Organics and so ingredients are never ‘faddish’, nor are they on any threatened or endangered species lists, but rather plants which have been used effectively for skin care for centuries. Stunningly packaged, we minimise our use of plastic and chose to encase our products in either glass or aluminium. This is for 3 reasons: (1) aluminium and glass are more easily recycled than plastic (2) chemicals have been shown to leach from plastic packaging and be absorbed into the body e.g. bisphenol A and (3) our products are made to travel and so need to be light-weight and portable.

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