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16 May 2018


What happens on social media, stays on social media ...FOREVER!

Can you use social media profiles of candidates in your hiring decision-making process? Can you restrict what employees post on their personal social media profiles? Can the posts of your employees harm your business even if they’re made from their home computer? How can you protect sensitive company information leak from social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter? How can a raving fan of your product make claims that can not only harm your business, but take it to court?

Those are all scary questions because there doesn’t seem to be a single answer. It’s quite clear that what we say on social media, on business and personal accounts, can and is used in court. But business owners and staff rarely know what’s okay and not okay in the fast-paced environment of social media.

Employers can be held responsible for things their staff says on their personal time, business owners and managers are turning into social media laws and regulations to seek legal security and reassurance that they’re doing everything right.​​

Program Outline:

1.    Employment and Social Media

2.    Protecting your business on Social Media – Intellectual Property Explained

3.    Social media - Discrimination and Bullying

4.    SPAM explained

5.    ACCC regulations regarding advertising and misleading comments

6.    Contests and competitions on social media

7.    Terms of use and other obligatory customer notices

8.    How to craft social media policies that work


@ Blue Mountains Theatre & Community Hub, Macquarie Road SPRINGWOOD

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