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How to Enter & Terms and Conditions

Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence Terms and Conditions

  1. Answer the questions as if you are selling yourself to someone. Tell us everything you know, specific to this category.
  2. Each category is judged separately. Do not have “refer to…” comments in your application.
  3. All businesses must be based and operating in the Blue Mountains and have been operating for at least 12 months.
  4. Entries in all online categories must be submitted electronically by midnight on Monday August 27th.
  5. If a business wins the same category 3 years in a row they are excluded from entering in subsequent years.
  6. All information provided in the entry form will be used for the purpose of judging only and will be treated as commercial-in-confidence by both Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber judges and the NSW Business Chamber.
  7. If you are selected as a finalist you will be asked to email your logo and a photo from your business to be placed in the Gala Awards Dinner booklet.

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